About Me

Hi, I’m Heather and I’m so glad your here! I’ve been married to my amazing husband for 10 years and we have three beautiful blue-eyed blondies! I’m secretly hoping for one more(shh don’t tell my husband) because I’ve always wanted a big family. A few things I love are the beach, actually, I’m obsessed, running, traveling, staying up really late, and eating cookies! I have an obsession with antiquing and must visit every store I can find in the area anytime I go anywhere! I’m super casual and prefer my yoga pants over jeans any day. I live life by the seat of my pants, there is never a schedule and we are sure to always have fun.

In all seriousness, photography started as a hobby right before I had my first daughter five years ago and it has since turned into so much more. I’m addicted to capturing those special moments between a family and their children. You don’t want to forget a second, you only live once and time moves by way too fast. I also think it’s super important to print those family pictures and plaster them all over your house! If you follow me on Instagram, you will hear me say it time and time again and even post examples of how I’ve done it in my own house. There is something about getting that perfect shot that gets me all giddy!

My style is very organic. I love the details and I love to capture the interaction between a family. How they laugh and play together. Don’t expect an entire gallery of straight on shots from me, I love to crop my images, focusing on a little girl’s painted fingers, mom and dad laughing hysterically while they tickle their little one or siblings staring up at mom and dad in awe. I want all those things you see day to day to be captured so you can remember them when your children are big. We will be silly and we will have fun, there is no seriousness allowed! I want everyone to be comfortable enough to be themselves!

If your interested in having me do your photos contact me today at h.lanephotography@yahoo.com! I am a newborn baby, family and children photographer for the entire Chicago suburb area.


Here is my crew, they keep me busy but are the ones that brought my passion to life.

Photo credit: Olive Gray Photography